Pharmacy Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Pharmacist May 2019 Median Annual Wage: $128,090 1

The salary of a pharmacist could vary due to many factors that include but are not limited to:
1. Experience – Years as a pharmacist, Residency-Trained or Not
2. Economy – Supply and Demand in the Region
3. Location – City and State
4. Location – Metropolitan, Suburban, Rural Areas
5. Practice Setting – Hospital, Retail, Independent, Specialty, Research, Entrepreneurial
6. Industry Setting – Private, Public, Government, Academia, Non-profit Organizations
7. Specialization – Staff, Clinical, Managerial, Research, Sales, Consulting
8. Negotiation Skills
9. Employment Type – Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract, Temporary, Seasonal, with or without Benefits

For information about pharmacy salary stratified by national, state, city, and industry earnings, please visit the occupational employment statistics here.

1. Bureau of Labor Statistics