Pharmacy School Locations

There are around 120 pharmacy schools more or less in the United States. Many out-of-state students apply without knowledge of the pharmacy school location or surroundings. Pharmacy schools are a solid commitment of at least four years of study. This is a long time, and enjoying the area is very important to the happiness and well-being of a student’s life. Sure, you may ask what the point of having fun is when you’ll be studying endlessly. But why not have both? A good location and comfortable situation is something we all want. The best suggestion is to visit the school, and talk to the current students about the program. If you have family or friends who live nearby, even better. Try to spend a few days in the schools have accepted you into their program in order to better gauge the area, as well as the people that you happen to meet during your visit. You could also check out walk scores on the PharmD Programs page. Find your school and see what score shows up. Each pharmacy school is given a score rooted on the number of restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment, and other similar commercial areas that are available within walking distance of the school. The higher the score, the better ‘walkability.’

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