Pharmacy School Rankings

The latest pharmacy school rankings (2012) have now been released by the U.S. News and World Report. the methodology by which the rankings were conducted could be found on their website. The rankings can be found by clicking here. Pharmacy school rankings began sometime in the past decade by the popular magazine company. Rankings are usually updated every few years, and the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) as well as the University of North Carolina (UNC) have consistently always ranked as the top few programs. Although rankings highlight important achievements for the respective schools, they could also be taken as a grain of salt similar to other types of rankings published. One thing to note is that all pharmacy schools are challenging to a certain extent, and admission to each PharmD program could be very competitive depending on the number of applicants and the reputation of the institution. Checking the ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) page of each pharmacy school is highly recommended as they may list the average grade point average (GPA), pharmacy college admission test (PCAT) score requirements, and various other requirements in order to be considered as an eligible applicant. Rankings are usually not the top priority for an applicant when it comes to deciding which PharmD program(s) to apply. Important factors in the decision making process are usually location, financial costs, program curriculum, and the minimum admission requirements. Researching each school that may interest the candidate is the best first step in the path to becoming a PharmD.

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