PharmCAS: Pharmacy School Application Process

What is PharmCAS?

PharmCAS is an application that allows students interested in PharmD Programs to complete a single application sent to multiple pharmacy schools for those schools that utilize the PharmCAS application system.  You may have to check the requirements of your school to ensure they use PharmCAS, in addition to other needs the school may require. Applicants for the course must meet all the requirements in order to complete the application. Some of these requirements may include the following:

  • Completing the appropriate pre-requisites required to apply for pharmacy school.
  • Earning the minimum required cumulative grade point average.
  • Having attended an accredited two or four year institution.
  • Meeting all requirements for the course equivalences.

How do you use PharmCAS?

To use the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS), create your PharmCAS account. Read and understand all the PharmCAS instructions before applying for your desired PharmD Program. Go through the online step-to-step checklist to see what’s needed.

The PharmCAS office requires you to submit all your official transcripts to consider your application. Find the PharmCAS Transcript Request Form in the PharmCAS website. It allows you to arrange all your transcripts and upload them before the deadline. If you don’t want your application processing delayed, submit all your transcripts in time.

Schools that use PharmCAS are available in the directory. You may want to choose a school that’s close to your residence. Choose a pharmacy school that suits your choice of environment, courses offered and other school-specific requirements. Some schools have additional requirements, besides the basic ones for every PharmCAS applicant. For instance, some require you to present TOEFL and PCAT test scores to PharmCAS directly. When choosing your pharmacy school, check out for all the additional requirements and submit all the requirements as outlined on their websites.

PharmCAS fees and deadlines

  • Fees:

Once you’ve submitted your PharmCAS application, you need to complete payments. PharmCAS accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Money order

Cash, personal checks and money orders that cannot be drawn from U.S banks are rejected.

Payments differ depending on the number of schools you want to consider your PharmCAS application. As the number of schools increases, the fee payable increases as enlisted on the fee schedule. It’s prudent to send your payments in time. PharmCAS does not process applications that have not cleared payments.

If you want to withdraw your application, keep in mind that you’ll not be refunded the application fee. All application fees are non-refundable.

  • Deadlines:

You must submit your application before the deadlines as stipulated by each pharmacy school. In case you miss your school’s deadline, contact your pharmacy degree program for an extension. PharmCAS does not extend deadlines for applicants. It only processes late applications when notified by the school’s degree program.

How do I attend interview if my application is successful?

Interview dates are scheduled and reported differently according to each school’s degree program. Visit the school directory to find the interview dates notification. If you have issues with application denial, contact your pharmD program. PharmCAS is not involved in setting criteria for accepting or rejecting applications.

Possible reasons why your application was rejected

If you have followed all the instructions when applying for your Pharm.D. Program, you’ll probably be picked for an interview. Here are common mistakes that could make your application ineligible:

  • Failing to make the necessary payments.
  • Attempting to create a new application while the current is under review.
  • When plagiarism has been detected in your personal statement.
  • Submitting the wrong essay in your application.
  • If caught having violated the Code of Conduct violation policy.
  • Failing to submit one or more test scores, if required so by your pharmacy school.
  • Failing to contact your school degree program after missing a deadline.

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