PharmD and Physician Assistant Dual Degree Program

Do you want to prescribe or dispense? For those of you who are undecided on whether to become a prescriber or a dispenser…why not both? Many current pharmacists have wanted to become a medical doctor or a physician assistant at one point in their lives. Fortunately for the young future degree seekers, there is a program that offers both a PharmD AND a physician assistant degree. The University of Washington currently offer this dual degree option at the moment.

Dual degree programs such as the above are a plus for those that look to pursue something more than what one typically finds in the employment market with only one degree. It may also appease the thoughts of those future pharmacy students who may think the ‘grass would have been greener’ if they had pursued a more patient care position. These programs offer both degrees usually in a shorter span of time instead of the total time it could take to complete both degrees individually. The programs are likely to be very competitive and difficult because much material will need to be absorbed in a relatively short amount of time. However, graduating with both degrees have the added advantage of saving the candidate a lot of time and possibly even money depending on the school. It is important to do some due diligence and research whether the dual degree holder will be allowed to hold both licenses, as well as having the ability to practice within the state of occupation; some states may have restrictions or limitations on the practice of both. Rules or laws that affect licensees may change frequently, and it is crucial to keep abreast of any new changes regarding the latest practice rulings within the state of residence. This should be performed before even considering applying to a dual degree program.

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