Tips For The Future PharmD

Before heading towards years of drudgery in pharmacy school, the best thing you Рthe potential PharmD student Рcould do to prepare yourself is to volunteer or work as a pharmacy technician in a retail or hospital pharmacy. This experience will open your eyes to what the day to day life will be like working in a pharmacy environment. Be very confident you are willing to commit to years of studies, paying back hefty loans, and applying for a job market that is very competitive. If you are going in for the money, I would reconsider this because the salaries may not be as great as what others may say assuming the job market is even adequate by the time of graduation. If you do have the ability to handle stress, adapting to a changing pharmacy system, working non-routine schedules, and dealing with disagreeable customers and/or other health care providers, perhaps this career is a good fit. If you have this kind of experience and still desire to pursue this career, at least it will help you answer questions coherently during pharmacy school admission interviews without beating around the bush as they will ask you to describe why you want to be a pharmacist. Good luck!

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